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Welcome to the HipHop Kingz festival!

In 2012 we started this event with the dream to become the biggest hiphop event in the Netherlands. After hard work and dedication, a whole lot of dance and an amazing team to back it all up we have surpassed our own expectations.

From a simple dance event with choreography and freestyle in a small local club to an international dance festival with thousands of visitors from more than 12 countries.

We are more than proud to welcome you to this years HipHop Kingz festival, where we go all out bringing you:

- Party's
- Unique showcases
- Top level dance crew competitions
- Freestyle battle concepts
- Workshops from the most exclusive teachers
- Sleepover in specially assigned hotels
- World class participants in the competition
- DJ team with the hottest tunes
- Exclusive HipHop Kingz merchandise
- Huge online platform which is still growing on a daily base

This is only the beginning. Be on the lookout for even bigger, better, crazier and more inspiring times as this festival evolves into an unforgettable experience for hiphop lovers from all over the world!

We would love to welcome you to our event and celebrate this hiphop culture with us this year.

With love,
Team HipHop Kingz

Questions about the crew competition send to:

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